Unusually Sunny Weather Expected During Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Unusually Sunny Weather Expected During Joe Biden’s Inauguration

During Joe Biden’s inauguration, Wednesday in Washington, the sun will most likely be shining. That would be the first time in three decades at an inauguration, CNN reports.


The temperature will be around 4-5 degrees when Biden is sworn in at the Capitol as the 46th president of the United States. Furthermore, there will be wind blowing, making it feel colder.

It’s uncommon for the sun to shine when the new US president is officially appointed. Current, outgoing President Donald Trump faced cold weather and rain during his inauguration in 2016.

Before that, it was cloudy, cold and raining or snowing during the inauguration of presidents Barack Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush. The sun last shone during the inauguration in 1993. Then Bill Clinton was sworn in as president for the first time.

The worst weather was undoubted during the dedication of President William Henry Harrison in 1841. He stood in the cold for two hours without a coat and hat, while it was cloudy and windy.

Immediately after the inauguration, he contracted pneumonia, from which he died. Harrison ruled for only 32 days, making it the shortest-serving US president ever.

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