U.S. Companies Condemn Storming Capitol

U.S. Companies Condemn Storming Capitol

The top of corporate America condemned Wednesday’s Washington events when supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol.

The CEOs use terms such as bewilderment and shame for what has happened and say they have faith in the American institutions and want a peaceful transfer of power.

Coca-Cola called the events an “affront to the ideals of American democracy.” “We are all baffled by the unlawful and violent events that have unfolded in Washington DC With the election results confirmed, and we are confident that the American democratic institutions will ensure a peaceful transfer of power and the United States can move forward as one nation. .”

Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNN that the storm is a “sad and shameful chapter” in U.S. history. “Those responsible for this uprising must be held accountable, and we must complete the transition of the government of incoming President Joe Biden. Our ideals matter most when they are attacked,” said Cook.

The American oil company Chevron also told CNN that it also wanted a peaceful transfer of power. “The violence in Washington, D.C. tarnishes a tradition of respect for the rule of law that goes back two centuries.”

Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of investment fund Blackstone, called the storm to CNN “terrible” and said he is “shocked” by “the attempt of this mob to undermine the constitution.” Ford CEO Jim Farley said the car company condemns the violence and “anti-democratic actions”.

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