Australia’s Third City Locked for British Coronavirus Variant

Australia’s Third City Locked for British Coronavirus Variant

The Australian metropolis of Brisbane goes into lockdown. The authorities intervene after a cleaner became infected with the so-called British coronavirus variant, which would be extra contagious.


The infected person works at a hotel where people are in quarantine.

“If we want to stop the spread of this contagious strain of the virus, this British strain, we must act immediately,” said Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk.

The more than 2 million inhabitants of the Greater Brisbane area will be faced with a three-day lockdown from Friday evening. People must then have a valid reason to leave home.

The announcement immediately led to long queues at stores in the country’s third city. The authorities insist that hoarding is unnecessary as supermarkets and other essential businesses do not have to close.

People are also still allowed to leave their homes to buy food. They must wear masks in public places.

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