Trump Suggested that Macron Step Out of the EU

Trump Suggested that Macron Step Out of the EU

During their meeting in April at the White House, US President Donald Trump proposed to his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to leave the European Union and sign a bilateral trade agreement with the United States, reports The Washington Post and The Planet Blog.


“Why do not you step out of the EU,” he told the newspaper article to Macron, who was elected to a resolutely pro-European program.

The report cites two high European officials as a source. The tenor of the conversation was confirmed by a diplomatic source to the French news agency AFP.

Trump has in recent months been making several trips to the EU, which would be guilty of unfair trade practices, especially in the auto sector.

“The European Union was of course set up to benefit from the United States,” he said on Wednesday evening at a campaign meeting in North Dakota.

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