Trump is Going to Sign A Social Media Decree on Thursday

Trump is Going to Sign A Social Media Decree on Thursday

US President Donald Trump was to sign a social media decree on Thursday. The exact content of the decree is not yet straightforward.


But the announcement comes shortly after Trump slammed into Twitter for posting a fact check on one of his posts.

Trump threatened on Wednesday to “regulate” or even “shut down” social media. Republicans feel that social media platforms are silencing conservatives.

We are going to tightly regulate or close them because we can never allow this, ‘the US President said on Twitter.

The discussion is a result of two posts that Trump posted on the microblogging site Tuesday. In it, he claimed that postal voting is “substantially fraudulent”.

“Mailboxes will be looted, ballots will be forged and printed illegally and signed fraudulently,” he wrote.

Twitter then posted a symbol to the tweets, along with the phrase, “Read the facts about postal elections here.”

Those who clicked on it were redirected to a web page in which Trump’s statements were refuted, including with the help of news articles.

It was the first time the President of the United States had been whistled back on the social networking site for spreading misleading information.

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