Top Talks on Iran’s Nuclear Agreement Will Continue More Intensively Next Week

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The international summit on the reinstatement of the nuclear accord with Iran will “intensify” next week.


The negotiations are progressing “constructively”, reports the diplomatic service of the European Union, which is coordinating the talks.

Iran is negotiating in Vienna with Germany, France, the United Kingdom, China, and Russia, trying to reanimate the agreement after the United States’ cancellation and the violations by Iran. Direct talks between Iran and the US are not yet underway.

“The coordinator will continue its separate discussions with all participants and the US,” the EU said.

US President Joe Biden wants to rejoin the nuclear deal. The Austrian capital is now looking for a way out of a stalemate. The US only wants to lift the sanctions against Iran if that country stops further enriching uranium, as agreed in the agreement. But Tehran demands that Washington take the first step.

Talks will continue “in next week,” said the EU coordinator. The negotiators have had “an important week”, he says. They have now agreed to “intensify joint diplomatic efforts”.

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