Thousands of Firefighters Trying to Fight in California Fires

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More than 10,000 firefighters in California are trying to fight the big fires that are raging in the state.


These have claimed the lives of at least four people in the Napa County and Solano County areas, American media reports.

The fire department says some 370 fires have been reported in the southern state in the past four days.

The extreme heat, lightning strikes and the wind make extinguishing work more difficult. Among other things, fires are raging near the coastal towns of Santa Cruz and Carmel.

The fires forced tens of thousands of people to find refuge. Authorities admit there is not enough workforce to fight the fire everywhere, the San Francisco Chronicle writes. As a result, tough decisions have to be made.

The state governor describes the fight against fire as an unprecedented challenge. “If you’re in denial about climate change, you have to come to California,” Democrat Gavin Newsom said in a video message at his party’s convention.

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