Thai Drug Dealer Undergoes Plastic Surgery to Escape Police

Thai Drug Dealer Undergoes Plastic Surgery to Escape Police

A Thai drug dealer tried looking more Korean, so the police couldn’t catch him. He even went so far as to have plastic surgery that left no detail of his old face.

It’s like the movie Face/off, where John Travolta and Nicholas Cage switch faces. Thai drug dealer Saharat Sawangjaeng used an extreme amount of plastic surgery to appear Korean and gave himself a different name: Seong Jimin.

Sawangjaeng was planning to move to South Korea. “I want to start a new life. I find Thailand boring,” says Sawangjaeng in an arrest video. However, he was not well prepared. He doesn’t speak a word of Korean.

Sawangjaeng was already known to the police. He has already been arrested three times but managed to escape prison each time. The drug dealer was on the run for three months until he was arrested again. However, the police were shocked to see that his current face did not resemble his original face at all.

The man was arrested in Bangkok after police tracked the sale to another dealer. Officers found no less than 290 ecstasy pills when he was detained at Sawangjaeng. He is now suspected of importing MDMA. Sawangjaeng also confessed to buying MDMA with crypto coins on the dark web.

Police Chief Theeradej Thammasutee says the drug dealer is one of the biggest causes of the MDMA epidemic in Bangkok. “He is a drug lord just 25 years old who smuggled MDMA out of Europe.” The police are now also investigating possible traces abroad after his arrest.

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