Terraces Open Again in Madrid and Barcelona After Easing Quarantine

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In Spain, quarantine measures are easing in the most affected areas, such as Madrid and Barcelona, starting today.


Terraces of bars and restaurants are allowed to open again, under certain conditions. Correspondent Sven Tuytens sees the Madrid people enjoy.

Although not everything is back to normal.

Spain introduced one of the strictest quarantine measures in Europe in mid-March. In the most affected areas, such as the capital Madrid and the Catalonia region, people have only seen the inside of their home for weeks.

As of today, the measures have eased again a little, so that the streetscape in the capital, among others, is starting to resemble that of the pre-corona crisis.

Spaniards are allowed to meet again with groups of ten people, and the terraces of bars and restaurants open partially again.

In Madrid, this immediately leads to crowded terraces in some places, correspondent Sven Tuytens noted. But that is not surprising, because there are far fewer tables than usual.

“And it is the first day since March 14 that people can sit on a terrace again, so the Spaniards use it.” (The text continues below the photo.)

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