Syria Declares Region Damascus Free from Rebels

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Syria Declares Region Damascus Free from Rebels. The Syrian army has declared that Damascus and its surroundings are entirely safe, now that soldiers have the last posts of insurgents in their hands.


General Mayhoud announced for television that the army has conquered several IS bastions in the past month. In the same breath, he announced that the fight against the remaining “terrorist strongholds” would continue elsewhere in Syria.

It would be the first time since the beginning of the civil war in 2011 that the Syrian capital and environment were entirely under control of President Assad’s troops, reported by eMedium.

The fighting in the south of Damascus has cost the lives of dozens of people in recent weeks. In the Palestinian refugee camp Yarmouk, where many are fighters were hiding, the devastation was caused.


A month ago, the Syrian army already won the victory in the area of East Ghouta near Damascus, where 400,000 people live. Evacuations were carried out between the battles, with rebels and their families being transported to other parts of Syria in buses.

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