No Bomb Found In Plane Ryanair At Eindhoven Airport

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No Bomb found in Plane Ryanair at Eindhoven Airport after Threatening Letter. After a bomb alert, the Marechaussee found no explosive in a Ryanair aeroplane at Eindhoven Airport.


The Marechaussee searched the aircraft with sniffer dogs but found nothing. All deposits are lifted again.

A letter was found in the plane in which a threat been voiced. The Marechaussee did not want to confirm that the message was warned with a bomb. Also cleared the aircraft after finding the letter.

The bomb threat would target this flight from Ryanair to Scotland. It is not apparent whether it is a joke or a serious bomb threat.

The flight should have departed at 8.10 pm, according to the data the flight site

Several aircraft have had to wait for hours due to the investigation. Passengers could not leave the flights after landing.

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