Natural Remedies to Combat Depression

Natural Remedies to Combat Depression

With an array of medications on the market, it could be challenging to find one that suits you. You could experience side effects or have reservations about taking a pharmaceutical drug in the first place. According to recent research conducted by Bangor University, long-term use of depression medications can cause panic attacks and even suicide attempts in some patients.

So, what are some other options? Of course, you or a loved one may not experience the extreme side effects, but you may want to ponder a more natural method of combating depression.

Here are some ways you can naturally help your depression symptoms:

Consult with a medical qualified.
He or she will be intelligent to tell you if you need medication or if some other options will serve you well. If you’re at a standstill and don’t know where to turn, consider talking with someone online about your depression.

Online therapy services are a great alternative for anyone not interested in meeting with someone face to face, but this type of counselling has been proven to help individuals talk through their issues and come up with solutions.

What’s also nice about speaking with a licensed medical professional is this way is that this 24/7 web-based service allows you to chat with a professional from anywhere and at your convenience, talking about subjects like depression, anxiety, grief, stress, etc.

Think inwardly about your depression.
Instead of avoiding the reasons behind your depression, see what is causing your depression. Recognize your triggers.

  • Is it because of a certain event in your life, or has it been going on for months?
  • Are you inconsolable the loss of a loved one?
  • Are you in deep financial trouble?
  • Do you have a chronic condition that seems to worsen by the day?
  • Did you just go over a bad breakup with your significant other?

The sooner you confront the cause, the sooner you can ask for help or search for the remedies that work the best for you.

Modify your diet.
Stop eating foods that are bad for you, such as greasy, fat-filled foods. While those may hit the spot when you’re feeling the onset of depression symptoms, they do not do your serotonin levels — or waistline — any favours.

Eat foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids and consume healthy oils, like coconut oil. Try to avoid caffeine, which can decrease your serotonin levels and cause you to feel more anxious and depressed.

Get your hormone levels tested.
Whether you have a type of clinical depression or are experiencing situational depression, you may want to get your hormone levels checked. When you have imbalanced hormones, your mood can be affected, and your depression can increase. Get thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone tests to assess your levels and see if modifications are needed.

Get outside.
Don’t stay holed up in your home, no matter how tempting that is. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine — or rainy weather, if you’re into that. Talk a walk, go to the grocery store and meet a friend for a lunch date. Getting out of the house could be the remedy you need to lessen depression symptoms.

Try to be yourself in all aspects of your life.
Often, we bottle emotions and hold on to our fears like a security blanket. Let your true colours show. Nothing gets you out of anxiety and depression-like being yourself and beginning not to care what others think. Embrace your quirks — and your depression. Both make you who you are.

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