Guide While Using Gym Equipment for Beginners: Free Weights

Guide While Using Gym Equipment for Beginners: Free Weights

Regular exercise is the important part of healthy lifestyle. Some people consider doing simple exercise just to warm up their body and to keep active the whole day. But do you know that gym equipment helps you out giving you a perfect shape with the active body, although the shaped body is noticed first?

If you are discerning of joining a gym to shape up your body then here are some of the instructions that you must consider while using gym equipment. Go and tone your body and leave you on an emotional high.

When you enter a gym, you look around and are dazed by the array of machines and exercise equipment. As starting exercise is daunting but knowing the equipment will help you out. Free weights are the utmost elementary form of bodybuilding equipment, as there are no cables, pulley pins or weight stacks that are why they are known as free weights.

The barbell:
A long iron bar that is 4 and 7 feet long where weight plates are placed. Barbells are sued to hold with both hands. There are standard barbells that can be available in any department stores for sale but on top of the list Olympic barbells exist. These are 7 feet long with 45 lbs weight. Some barbells handle the heavy load for heavy basic exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and bench press. Standard barbells are good for home gym setting.

10-15 inches long it is the short barbell, where exercise is done by holding them in each hand. Usually in gym dumbbells of fixed weight are available, they usually have dumbbells from 5lbs., 10 lbs and 15 lbs. for the home gym setting adjustable dumbbells are available. They are not convenient as the rack of fixed weight dumbbells.

Weight Plates:
Weight plates can be available range from 2.5 lbs to100 lbs. These weight plates can be placed on dumbbells and barbells. Plastic weight plates are also available, but basically, they are for the home gym. But in commercial gym iron weight plates are found. Olympic plates for Olympic barbells are one inch thick.

Triceps Bar:
As the name is triceps bar, but it can be used to work other body parts. It can decrease the stress that a traditional barbell can place on the wrist. It is an oval shaped bar that has two parallel hand placements.

Benches are the essential common equipment in any gym. There are three types of benches flat, incline and decline. The benches without rack are used for dumbbell exercises; some are having racks on one end for holding the barbells. For working on the lower back, hamstring and glute muscles hyperextension bench is also found in the gym.

Swiss ball- all the exercise that you do on the bench can be done on the swiss ball. This increases your balance and strength. This is an excellent piece of equipment. Many online stores also provide you with gym equipment.

Start your exercise and shape up your body for the perfect personality and healthy life.

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