Military Veteran Entrepreneurs Continue Serving and Solving Problems Long After Their Uniforms Come Off

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Military veterans are some of the world’s most significant problem solving and service-minded people, and that’s especially true even when the uniform comes off.

We seek out inspiring innovators, entrepreneurs, and activists around the world. People are disrupting industries — spanning security, tech, media, employees, and education — with their revolutionary new companies, products, and ideas.

Bernard Edwards, Founder of Crushing Transition and Jason Cavness, Founder of CavnessHR, are two shining examples we found in Seattle who both happen to be military veterans.

Bernard created Crushing Transition as an online and offline education platform to prepare fellow veterans, college graduates, and other people to excel while through a career change. The platform takes clients through experiences such as lifestyle design and creating their personal brand.

Jason founded CavnessHR after realizing a significant Human Resources gap for companies with 49 or fewer employees. Jason also hosts his own podcast where he interviews business owners, founders, and the people who help them succeed.

Jason and Bernard first met as members of the military veteran entrepreneurship incubator BunkerLabs and soon began supporting each other’s startup endeavours. Bernard advises CavnessHR as a Product Marketing consultant, while Jason is a lead beta tester of every product created by Crushing Transition.

In 2020 and beyond, these incredible individuals will be worth watching.

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