Setback for Moderna with Experimental Flu Jab

Setback for Moderna with Experimental Flu Jab

The American biotechnology company Moderna has encountered a significant setback with its experimental flu jab. A new study of 23,000 people ages 50 and older has failed to demonstrate the effectiveness of its mRNA flu shot.

The group announced that Moderna wants to start a new study this month with a modified version of its flu vaccine. The new flu shot is based on the same mRNA technique as that of the manufacturer’s corona vaccines.

Moderna has made billions in recent years with its corona vaccines, the company’s only commercial product. Therefore, introducing the flu shot is crucial for the company’s future. But unfortunately, the demand for corona vaccines has fallen sharply in recent months.

The group already indicated in February that revenues had fallen sharply in the fourth quarter of last year due to a collapse in demand for corona vaccines.

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