Merkel Warns Against Harsh Winter Months in Germany

Merkel Warns Against Harsh Winter Months in Germany

Germany is in danger of ending up in a “dramatic situation”, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel. In her speech in the Bundestag on Thursday, she pointed out that the increasing number of corona cases will overload healthcare.


According to her, the number of new infections has “skyrocketed”. “At this rate, our intensive care units will be overloaded in a few weeks,” Merkel said.

“We are in a dramatic situation at the start of the winter season.” She talked about four long, tough months but said that too would come to an end.

On Wednesday it was decided that Germany would be partially locked for a month. Bars and restaurants will be closed until the end of November, as will fitness studios, theatres and cinemas.

The past 24 hours there was again a record number of new corona infections. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German counterpart of the RIVM, no fewer than 16,774 new cases were added.

The Chancellor also criticized populists in her speech for saying the virus is not that harmful. “Only with solidarity and transparency can we face the pandemic.

Lies and disinformation, conspiracy theories and hatred damage not only the democratic debate but also the fight against the virus.”

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