Meghan And Ellen Find Each Other In Love For Dogs

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Meghan and Ellen find each other in Love for Dogs. Ellen Degeneres (61) was on a baby visit at Meghan Markle (38) last summer.


She was even allowed to give little Archie the bottle.

The ladies have known each other for years.

And that all started with their common love for dogs.

Meghan told an interview with Best Health that she first met Ellen in an asylum.

She was there to adopt a dog when suddenly Ellen and her wife came in.

Meghan adopted a dog that day, and it was all because of the talk show host.

She shouted to the duchess that she should take the dog.

“And so I took him home. Because Ellen told me to do that.”

Ellen has already indicated that she can no longer remember the incident so well, but of course,

 she likes Meghan doing what she wants.

Last year she called out: “Meghan, invite me to your wedding.”

Unfortunately for Ellen, the invitation was not received.

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