Japan Tends to Allow Its Own Residents at Games

Japan Tends to Allow Its Own Residents at Games

Japan tends to allow its own population to attend games during the Tokyo Olympics. Japanese media reported no concrete numbers or maximum occupancy rates for stadiums.


The government and the organizing committee declined to confirm the report. A final decision on admitting Japanese spectators is due this month. Foreign spectators are not welcome. That decision has already been made.

The government of Japan was very reserved about the public at the Games last month, but then the corona figures were less favourable than now. In the country, the vaccination program has started, and the number of infections is also falling.

To further allay concerns about the spread of the virus, the organization has ordered all journalists who come to Japan to cover the Games to be closely monitored.

During the first two weeks, they are only allowed to enter hotels and sports venues that have been specified in advance.

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