Is Apple Working on iPhones Without a SIM Card Slot?

Is Apple Working on iPhones Without a SIM Card Slot?

Although the iPhone 15 is not expected until September 2023, the rumour mill is already starting to get going.


For example, at the Brazilian tech site Blog do iPhone, they are fairly certain that the iPhone 15 Pro will no longer have a physical SIM card slot.

Website MacRumors thinks the switch from a physical SIM card to an eSIM will take place even earlier. The tech blog learned via an anonymous tip that Apple has advised major US operators to “prepare for the arrival of eSIM-only smartphones by September 2022.”

That could indicate that Apple already wants to refer the SIM card slot to the eternal hunting grounds with the iPhone 14.

Some operators would also consider not waiting for those new devices and to start selling iPhone 13 models without nano-SIM card earlier. The iPhone 13, which was launched a few months ago, is Apple’s first smartphone that, in addition to a classic SIM card slot, also already has eSIM functionality on board.

Users can activate the device and eSIM over a Wi-Fi network, provided that the operator supports that option.

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