Intel CEO: Laptops With Folding Screen Not Yet For Sale

Intel CEO: Laptops With Folding Screen Not Yet For Sale

Intel CEO: Laptops with folding Screen not yet for Sale in the coming Years. Laptops with a folding screen will only be available in at least two years, Intel chief Joshua Newman said, according to the reports.


Newman states that the possibilities of a folding screen for laptops are currently being explored.

“We are trying to understand the benefits and limitations of technology,” says the CEO.

According to Nikkei, tech giant Intel explores possibilities of folding laptop screens with display makers and end-users.

The company sees “potential” for the technology to enhance user experiences, but the research is still at an early stage.

According to Newman, it takes at least two years before the technology is ready to be involved in consumer laptops.

Manufacturers are working on folding screens
Manufacturers such as Huawei and Samsung are working on foldable smartphones.

Samsung recently postponed the sale of its Galaxy Fold indefinitely due to technical problems.

Journalists who tested the device suffered from screen defects.

Last October, Samsung CEO Lee Min-Cheol also said to work on a laptop with a folding screen.

Few details are known about this. Min-Cheol stated that the screens can not only be folded in and out but that they also provide “a new user experience”.

Lenovo also revealed the concept of a folding laptop.

The lower part of the screen bent with the keyboard.

The laptop was foldable like a newspaper.

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