Heatwave Record in Australia: National Average Rises to 40.9 Degrees

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Australia experienced the hottest day on Tuesday 17 December since the measurements started. The 2013 heat record, which stood at 40.3 ° C, died.

It is a temperature average, which means that there were higher outliers in various places. The weather service even warns of new peaks later this week.

In large parts of the state of New South Wales, the mercury will effortlessly rise above 45 ° C. It may then cool slightly afterwards.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Australia is 50.7 ° C. This occurred in January 1960 in Oodnatta, a place in the desert in the far south of the country.

The heat and the strong wind are also the main culprits in the fight against the forest fires just about everywhere in Australia.
In the state of New South Wales alone, there are more than 100 hot spots. More and more people with respiratory problems report to hospitals.

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