Germany Confirms Delivery of 16 Million Doses of AstraZeneca Vaccine

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Germany’s Health Ministry says it will receive 16 million doses of AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine in the second quarter.


That is not even half of the 33.8 million doses promised, according to internal German government documents, which have been viewed by the Reuters news agency.

Reuters reported on Tuesday that AstraZeneca would deliver less to the European Union in the second quarter. Still, the pharmaceutical company denied that, saying the agreed 180 million doses will be delivered.

Production in the EU is lagging behind, but more is produced in other parts of the world, and that is then transported to the EU, says the pharmaceutical company.

Germany receives a total of 56.3 million doses of vaccine from AstraZeneca, which is 18 percent of the whole that goes to the EU.

According to the German Ministry of Health, it is logical that the supply is lagging behind, as the drug was approved in the EU later than initially thought.

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