Moderna Has Signed More Than 18 Billion in Vaccine Contracts

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Moderna, the maker of one of the approved coronavirus vaccines, expects to generate $ 18.4 billion in sales this year from sales of the Covid-19 drug.


The company bases that amount on all contracts already in place for the delivery of the vaccines.

The American biotechnology company is still negotiating with governments about more deliveries of its corona vaccine, the first product Moderna has ever put on the market.

Earlier, the company announced additional investments to increase corona vaccine production, investigating whether up to 1 billion doses can be delivered this year.

The US regulator approved Moderna’s vaccine in an emergency procedure in December. The European Commission approved the drug in January to combat the pandemic.

In 2020, Moderna posted sales of $ 803.4 million, the lion’s share of $ 528 million, of which was research grants for the corona vaccine. The company closed last year with spending on research exceeding revenues with a loss of $ 747 million.

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