Facebook’s Supreme Court Chooses First Cases

Facebook’s Supreme Court Chooses First Cases

Facebook’s new independent supervisory board has chosen the first six cases where it can judge whether the content has been removed rightly.


It probably will not stop there, because, according to the council, about 20,000 cases have been submitted since October.

Facebook established the supervisory board after it was repeatedly criticized for its handling of inappropriate content. The new body has already been nicknamed ‘Facebook’s Supreme Court’ and can issue binding rulings.

The council emphasizes that not all complaints from users can be handled. Therefore, priority would be given to issues that “raise important questions about Facebook’s policy” or that could affect large numbers of people or the public debate.

The first cases include the removal of images of female breasts in a breast cancer post. Council members are also looking at a report about the removal of screenshots of a message from a former Prime Minister of Malaysia.

He had written that “Muslims have the right to be angry and kill millions of French people because of past killings”.

Critics have little faith in the new body and have established their supervisory board. They call it on Twitter The Real Facebook Oversight Board (the real Facebook overview board).

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