European Commission: Give Every Adult A Booster Shot

European Commission: Give Every Adult A Booster Shot

According to the European Commission, all adults in the European Union should be able to get a booster shot.


People who are especially vulnerable or over forty should be given priority, but in the end, everyone should have a turn, says chairman Ursula von der Leyen.

The committee chair responded to the latest advice from ECDC, the European RIVM. That’s “clear,” von der Leyen tweeted. “We need to ramp up vaccination to contain the pandemic.” She wants to “convince people” to get still vaccinated. At the same time, she calls on people to keep their distance from each other and to continue to wear mouth caps.

The ECDC called on the member countries, including the Netherlands, on Wednesday to ensure that all people aged forty and older can receive a booster shot as soon as possible.

At present, such a boost to the immune system is still reserved for the elderly and the vulnerable in many countries. The European health service recommends that countries quickly reintroduce corona measures to curb the new wave of infections.

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