Do-It-Yourself Chain Home Depot Boosts Turnover to Record

Do-It-Yourself Chain Home Depot Boosts Turnover to Record

The American DIY chain Home Depot achieved record sales in the past quarter as Americans continue to do many jobs in and around the house during the corona crisis.


However, sales of building materials, tools, paint and other items did not rise as strongly as before during the pandemic, now that the corona measures have largely been lifted.

The world’s largest hardware store chain saw annual sales rise more than 8 percent in its second quarter ended August 1, to $41.1 billion. According to Home

Depot, it is the first time that sales of more than 40 billion dollars have been achieved in a quarter. The number of customer transactions decreased, but more was spent per visit. Net profit was $4.8 billion compared to $4.3 billion a year ago.

The Atlanta-based company increased sales by almost a third in the first quarter as Americans were much more likely to stay at home and improve their homes. Now people are going out more, which means less work is done.

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