British Coast Guard Intercepts Record Number of Migrants in Boats on the Channel

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Yesterday, 235 people were intercepted in 17 boats while trying to sail from France to England. The number of those “Channel Migrants” has increased in recent weeks.


In the summer months and with the calm weather, there are always more attempts by migrants to cross the Channel by boats from France to reach the United Kingdom.

Yesterday 17 boats were intercepted with a total of 235 people on board. They were landed by the British coast guard. They included children and a pregnant woman.

This is the highest number of migrants intercepted on the Channel in one day. The old record dated from last week when it was 202 migrants.

Even today, boats have arrived on the shores of the English county of Kent. According to the BBC, there was a boat with a further 17 migrants on board.

This year, a total of at least 3,948 people have already crossed the Channel in just over 300 boats. Not that all crossings are successful.

For example, the French coast guard intercepted several migrants in kayaks as they left the coast. A French helicopter has intercepted another boat carrying 23 people and forced it to return to France.

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