Prominent Members of Hong Kong Democratization Movement Arrested

Prominent Members of Hong Kong Democratization Movement Arrested

Hong Kong police have arrested prominent members of the now illegal democratization movement in the Chinese metropolis.


These include the founder of the Apple Daily newspaper, media mogul Jimmy Lai. He has been arrested under the controversial new security law, a close associate of his and a police source said. He would collude with foreign powers.

Later, local media also reported the arrest of activist Agnes Chow. She was a high-ranking member of Demisisto, a pro-democracy movement recently disbanded by order of the Chinese regime.

Hong Kong police previously said they had detained seven men. Police said the operation was ongoing and further arrests were possible. Later arrests of two men and a woman were reported.

Apple Daily reported that Lai had been arrested in his home. The newspaper says one of Lai’s sons, Ian, has also been arrested at his home. An Apple Daily source said other company executives were also targeted. Police searched their homes, the source said.

With the new security law, the communist rulers in Beijing are strengthening their grip on the former British colony.

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