27 Police Officers Were Injured in London Last Week During Demonstrations

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A total of 27 police officers were injured in London last week during demonstrations against police brutality and racism.


The police announced this on Sunday evening. Two of them are in severe trouble, and an officer who fell off her horse needed surgery.

Tens of thousands took to the streets of the British capital on Sunday, and some activists wore face masks that said: “racism is a virus.”

At the beginning of the evening, things got a bit more unfriendly, with throwing smoke bombs and bottles.

The statue of Winston Churchill was again defaced, now that it said: “was a racist” on the pedestal.

Another essential action took place in Bristol. There, protesters pulled the bronze statue of local “hero” Edward Colston from its pedestal and launched it at the harbour.

Colston was a seventeenth-century businessman, Member of Parliament, and philanthropist who earned much of his wealth from the slave trade.

Before his statue went down, a demonstrator put his knee on the metal neck for a moment about the death of black American George Floyd due to an unnecessary crackdown by a white cop.

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