11-Year-Old American Boy Saves Life of Classmate and Elderly Woman in One Day

11-Year-Old American Boy Saves Life of Classmate and Elderly Woman in One Day

In the US state of Oklahoma, an 11-year-old boy committed two acts of heroism on the same day. First, at school, he came to the aid of a classmate who was choking, and moments later, he rescued a woman from a burning house.


As a result, the young Davyon Johnson was made an honorary police officer, honorary deputy sheriff and hero in one fell swoop. But, December 9 will never be the same for 11-year-old Davyon Johnson. About two weeks ago, the young American made himself immortal twice in his hometown of Muskogee.

The first time was when a classmate was choking on the cap of a water bottle. He put the cap in his mouth when he wanted to refill his bottle but accidentally swallowed it. Johnson did not hesitate and successfully performed a Heimlich grab. This is a technique that is used when someone threatens to suffocate due to a blockage in the airway.

When performing such a heimlich grip, the rescuer stands behind the victim, embraces him at the height of the abdomen and ensures that the blocking object shoots out of the trachea with an upward push.

Johnson learned to perform the heimlich grip correctly through a video on YouTube. “If you ever find yourself in a situation where it’s necessary, like I experienced, at least you know what to do,” the American said.

However, the sober Johnson did not know that he would play a hero role again a little later that day. On his way home from school, he passed a house that had just broken out. The resident, an older woman, tried to flee the house, but Johnson soon realized that it wasn’t fast enough. So he crossed the street, helped her down and led the woman to her car. She was unharmed.

Johnson received a lot of recognition for his exploits. That same day, Muskogee’s police department named the American an honorary police officer. In addition, the local sheriff’s department recognized him as an honorary deputy, and his school proclaimed Johnson a hero. He received the three awards last week during a board meeting of directors of his school.

And if that wasn’t enough, a Facebook post-Johnson’s mother shared revealed that December 9 will always be “Davyon Johnson Day” in Muskogee from now on.

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