US Watchdog: No Particular Issues With Moderna Corona Vaccine

US Watchdog: No Particular Issues With Moderna Corona Vaccine

An obstacle has been removed for the American approval of a new vaccine against the coronavirus.


The American drug watchdog FDA sees no specific safety concerns with the vaccine from the American matter Moderna.

The positive recommendation comes before a group of experts decides whether to approve Moderna’s vaccine in the US market. This is an emergency use approval.

The FDA is optimistic about the vaccine, confirming the efficacy of 94.1 percent. The Netherlands has also ordered doses of Moderna.

Moderna previously said he expects his corona vaccine to be approved by European authorities on January 12. Distribution can start immediately afterwards. The concern is ready.

The intention is that the European agency EMA in Amsterdam will provide a definite answer on the authorization of the Moderna vaccine on the European market on January 12.

EMA has decided to do so early, on December 21, for the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, which is already being administered in Great Britain, the US and Canada.

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