Belgium is Running A Trial With Rapid Tests

Belgium is Running A Trial With Rapid Tests

Belgium is running a trial with corona rapid tests. Belgians with corona symptoms can undergo a test in about twenty places. They will hear the results within fifteen minutes.


Fourteen GP practices and six test centres are participating in the trial, Belgian media report. It must show whether the rapid tests are ready for use throughout the country.

If people no longer have to wait a day or more to find out if they are infected, the identification of people to whom they may have passed on the coronavirus can start earlier. This makes it easier to prevent the virus from spreading further around.

In addition, a negative rapid test may one day provide safe access to a theatre or stadium.

Only people who have corona symptoms for less than five days can get a rapid test—those who have been ill for some time run the risk that the test is not reliable. The experiment will run until January 6. If it works out well, the rapid tests are then also used elsewhere.

Flemish pupils and teachers will soon also be able to undergo a rapid test if they have had close contact with an infected person. The first trials have already started. The schools in Belgium are still open, and the authorities are keen to keep it that way.

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