US Secret Service Agent Cracks Down on Activist as Presidential Motorcade Passes

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The American abortion law has come under pressure in recent months and stirred the mood in the United States.


A young woman in Los Angeles wanted to express her opposition to a tightening of that law and shouted “a ban on abortions won’t stop abortions” through a megaphone as Joe Biden’s presidential motorcade passed through the city. However, a Secret Service agent intervened immediately and threw the woman to the ground before she could finish her message.

The young woman resisted and was punched several times in the face before being handcuffed and arrested. “The incident is under investigation,” the secret service said. “There was no impact on the motorcade or our protégés.” According to ABC News reporter Josh Haskell, who shared the footage of the incident on Twitter, the presidential vehicles in the motorcade were empty when they passed the woman.

President Joe Biden travelled to California on Wednesday to participate in the Summits of the Americas, international summits that bring together the heads of state and government from countries in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

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