Uber Settles For 112 Million Pounds In A Lawsuit

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Uber Settles for 112 Million pounds in a Lawsuit around concealed Data Breach. Taxi service Uber has arranged for 112 million pounds with all US states because the company contracted a massive data breach in 2016.


The 112 million pounds divided into several amounts across the fifty states, According to reports.

The settlement reached after a ten-month investigation.

The inquiry looked at a data breach where personal data from 57 million Uber accounts came to the streets,

 including driving license data from 600,000 Uber drivers.

Uber also requires to adjust policies to ensure that data leaks can be stopped in the future.

Moreover, changes in the corporate culture must be performed.

The former CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, was aware of the hack.

The incident was initially hidden from users and authorities.

Uber paid the hackers 76,000 pounds to remove the data and to keep the leak.

In November of last year, the leak came to light.

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