Former Minister Johnson Compares Brexit Plan

Former Minister Johnson Compares Brexit Plan

Former Minister Johnson compares Brexit Plan May with ‘Suicide Vest’. Boris Johnson, the former foreign secretary of the United Kingdom, has taken a tight turn to the Brexit plan of Prime Minister Theresa May.


According to reports, Johnson states that May has put the British Constitution in a “suicide vest”,

 “while providing Brussels with the fuze”.

Johnson refers to the so-called ‘Checkers Agreement’,

 named after the premiere of the Prime Minister in which the Brexit strategy of the United Kingdom was admitted last July.

The plan, which declares that the British will leave the EU on 29 March next year, has already received the necessary criticism.

The former mayor of London called the agreement “weak” and “pathetic”,

 and wondered out loud why the British government “bully” the EU in the Brexit discussions.

“With every step in the process so far, Brussels has got what Brussels requires, how do they get away with it?”

Johnson criticised the “weak leadership” of May and its government in the negotiations.

“It’s a decline, and we’re looking at 40 kilos of weakness that’s beaten up by 220 kilos of a heavy gorilla.”

Earlier this week, the former minister already called the agreement a “disaster” and said that “no new ideas are presented”.

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