Twitter Makes Important Functions Unusable For Unofficial Apps

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Twitter Makes important Functions unusable for Unofficial Apps. Unofficial Twitter apps no longer have access to essential functions of the social network.


On Wednesday, some Twitter functions no longer worked in some apps.

On Thursday, the company announced that the support for this had removed permanently.

Unofficial apps are no longer authorised to send push messages when users receive new messages.

Also, timelines in the apps can no longer be refreshed live. The change affects apps such as Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Talon and Tweetings.

Twitter has made it more hard for developers of apps to improve the social network.

Options such as the voting function and support for Periscope have never been convenient for the app makers.

According to Twitter, it is certain to delete the functions for unofficial apps because the support demands a lot of attention.

From now on the company wants to focus more on the further development of its apps.

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