Russia Puts Critic Navalny on Terrorist and Extremist List

Russia Puts Critic Navalny on Terrorist and Extremist List

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been added to the Russian authorities’ list of terrorists and extremists. Several allies of the prominent Kremlin critic are also new to that list.


Navalny’s political network and anti-corruption foundation were already listed last year. It also lists foreign terrorist organizations such as the Taliban and Islamic State (IS).

Russia is cracking down on the opposition. For example, more and more names are added to the terrorist and extremist list and human rights organizations are regarded as foreign agents. Many close associates of Navalny have fled abroad.

Navalny has been in prison for a year for violating his parole in an old corruption case. After that, the opposition leader had to report to the authorities, but he was unable to do so because he was being treated in Germany for poisoning that he blamed on the Kremlin.

Navalny still has 1.5 years of his sentence to serve. The critical opposition leader is one of the most prominent opponents of President Vladimir Putin.

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