Russia Open to Foreigners Who Want Corona Vaccination

Russia Open to Foreigners Who Want Corona Vaccination

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia is open to foreigners to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. People who are not yet eligible for vaccination in their own country can get one in Russia for a fee.


Putin also said at an international economic conference in St. Petersburg that several countries are not buying Russia’s corona vaccines for political reasons. According to him, this has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the means.

More Russians should be vaccinated against the lung virus, according to the president. The country is close to a full reopening after long strict measures against the coronavirus.

The Russian president announced in the speech that his country would step up its efforts to do something about climate change. According to him, it is ‘a myth’ that his country would not be concerned about this. Russia recognizes the dangers and supports the Paris climate agreement.

The country has to deal with, among other things, the melting of the permafrost and the erosion of parts of the coast.

He instructs his government to have a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by October. He also wants to start issuing so-called green bonds and, through better management of the vast country’s forests, help combat the harmful effects of global warming. Putin did defend the use of natural gas, of which his country exports a lot. It is clean and indispensable for the time being, according to Putin.

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