Police Call Explosion of Taxi in Liverpool A Terrorist Incident: Fourth Suspect Arrested

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According to British media, the explosion at a hospital in Liverpool, England, was a terrorist incident on Sunday, police said Monday. One person was killed and another injured in the explosion of a taxi.


Merseyside Police, England, received reports of the blast at Liverpool Women’s Hospital at 11 am on Sunday.

According to Russ Jackson of the anti-terrorist service, the exact motivation is not yet clear. He said an improvised explosive device had been made for the explosion, quoted by the British public broadcaster BBC. “So far, we’re assuming the passenger built this in the taxi,” Jackson said.

In the meantime, a fourth suspect (aged 20) has been arrested based on terrorism legislation, Jackson said. The male passenger of the car was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver, also a man, was injured.

British politicians and media, meanwhile, praise the taxi driver as a hero who has avoided killing. “This is an ongoing investigation, so I can’t comment on the details or say what type of incident it is,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said earlier. courage.”

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the driver noticed the passenger’s attitude and locked him in the taxi before escaping from the vehicle. “The taxi driver, through his heroic efforts, managed to avoid what could have been an absolutely horrific catastrophe,” Liverpool Mayor Joanna Anderson told the BBC on Monday. She confirmed that the driver locked the doors of the vehicle.

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