Paris Judge Fines Booking 1.2 Million Euros

Paris Judge Fines Booking 1.2 Million Euros

The Dutch company was sentenced on Monday to a fine of 1,234 million euros by the Paris court for not respecting some provisions of the tourist regulations of Paris.


Booking also allegedly failed to provide the city with all the necessary information, including the number of days furnished tourist accommodations were rented out.

The city of Paris, which demanded a fine of more than 150 million euros, had taken Booking to court in January 2021 for failing to receive the requested information “within the deadline”. ‘ BV demonstrates that, in an attempt to settle, it has provided the requested information, but that was too late, the court ruled.

The company itself is disappointed with the decision. Booking is now “working closely with the City of Paris to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the data we share and to ensure that we are fully compliant with all of our legal obligations in France,” it reads.

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