More Than 80,000 Ukrainian Refugees in Germany

More Than 80,000 Ukrainian Refugees in Germany

More than 80,000 refugees from Ukraine have now arrived in Germany, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday. That is more than 30,000 more than two days ago.


The country is overwhelmed by the large influx of refugees, says a member of the regional parliament in Bavaria. It is disgraceful that some Ukrainian refugees have had to spend the night on the ground in the Munich station, a reception centre.

“In fact, it lacks everything from electricity to toilets to sleeping accommodation,” Fabian Mehring said.

He points out that many lives were saved in Bavaria during corona, and people were well protected. “The credo of ‘whatever it takes’ that was formulated should now also apply to those people who are experiencing indescribable suffering as a result of Putin’s attack on Ukraine and who ask us for help,” Mehring said.

The UN refugee agency UNHCR announced earlier Wednesday that more than 2.15 million people had fled Ukraine. However, due to the ongoing violence, many people still flee the country every day. It is not clear exactly how many refugees have arrived in Germany because there are no border controls in the European Union.

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