More Than 50 Chinese Aircraft in Taiwan Airspace

More Than 50 Chinese Aircraft in Taiwan Airspace

China sent 52 planes into Taiwan’s air defence zone on Monday, a record number. According to the Taiwanese, on Friday and Saturday, China had already invaded the airspace claimed by Taiwan with 38 and 39 aircraft, respectively.


On Sunday, there were sixteen aircraft, including fighter jets and bombers. The United States then condemned Beijing’s “provocative” military display of force over what China believes to be a renegade province.

According to Washington, the Chinese undermine “regional peace and stability” and should stop pressuring Taiwan. The Taiwanese government feels threatened by China’s operations, which align with diplomatic, economic and military pressure to isolate Taiwan internationally.

President Xi Jinping wants Taiwan to become part of China again. Military flights in Taiwan’s defence zone began on a large scale last week on the holiday of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

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