Merkel for the First Time With Mask on the Official Photo

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel first appeared on an official photo with a mask on.


The 65-year-old CDU politician wore the face shield with the logo of the German EU presidency during a meeting with her party colleague Reiner Haselhoff, the prime minister of Saxony-Anhalt.

A journalist asked Merkel earlier this week why she is not seen more often with such face cover.

“If I follow the rules about keeping a sufficient distance, I don’t have to wear a face mask,” she explained. “And if I don’t follow them and run errands, for example, then, of course, we don’t meet.”

Some German politicians seem to find it challenging to abide by the corona rules.

During a vote in the German Parliament, the Vice-President repeatedly had to call on Friday to call for sufficient distance. Many parliamentarians also did not wear face masks.

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