Meghan was Targeted Online Hate Campaign, Researchers Say

Meghan was Targeted Online Hate Campaign, Researchers Say

Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, were the target of a coordinated internet hate campaign. That comes from an analysis of 114,000 Twitter messages about the couple, writes the newspaper The Washington Post.


The investigation was conducted by the platform Bot Sentinel, which, according to the paper, concluded that 83 accounts were behind 70 percent of the most hostile tweets. Together they had more than 187,000 followers and the potential to reach 17 million users. Meghan, in particular, is said to have had a hard time. In addition, some tweets contained veiled racist language.

The Duchess herself has already commented that she would have been the “trollest” person in the world in 2019, referring to the hateful messages that have been spread about her online. That would have hurt her too. Meghan and her husband Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, have a tense relationship with the royal family. They left for the United States together this year.

Twitter informed the newspaper that several of the accounts in the report have already been closed. In addition, the company says it has found no evidence of “large-scale coordination or use of multiple accounts by the same person”. Spokespersons for Harry and Meghan have not yet responded.

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