Meal Delivery Branch Uber Breaks Record in March

Meal Delivery Branch Uber Breaks Record in March

Uber’s meal delivery business has never delivered as many meals in a month worldwide as it did in March. Uber Eats saw demand for meals more than double last month.


If the revenue were that large all year round, Uber would deliver $ 52 billion worth of meals, some $ 44 billion. Demand for meal delivery continues to exceed the number of delivery drivers available to handle.

The taxi branch is also doing better. It suffered a lot from the corona pandemic last year, which meant that people stayed indoors more often. With the number of vaccinations increasing rapidly in the United States and returning to everyday life, Uber also sees the number of taxi rides increase again.

Revenues from those rides would exceed $ 30 billion if the year were similar. This made it the best month since March last year, just before large parts of the world took measures to contain the corona outbreak.

Uber expects to make an operating profit for the first time in a quarter this year. That will not be the first quarter, because the company will have to incur many extra costs.

As a result of a court ruling in the UK, where the company will treat all its drivers as “workers”, it will have to pay those drivers more retroactively.

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