KLM is Struggling with Vaccination Obligations in Various Countries

KLM is Struggling with Vaccination Obligations in Various Countries

KLM is grappling with the fact that more and more countries are making it mandatory or considering whether to vaccinate flight crews.


This could lead to “major operational problems” for KLM, the airline says. KLM will then no longer be able to deploy non-vaccinated crew members on the relevant flights.

The company emphasizes that it will not oblige employees to be vaccinated. For the time being, KLM is trying to schedule the crew members to whom this applies to destinations where there are no entry requirements. But as more countries start to impose entry requirements, this may become more difficult.

Trinidad & Tobago will introduce a vaccination obligation for flight crews from 16 October, KLM knows. According to the company, signals are also coming from Canada and other countries that they are expected to impose such an obligation shortly. Furthermore, more and more hotels where KLM staff are staying expect a vaccination certificate.

The company says it needs insight into which employees cannot meet the entry obligations and are therefore not deployable at all destinations. Therefore, the colleagues concerned have been asked to report to KLM Health Services, which will pass on the travel restriction to KLM’s planning department.

If an employee cannot travel on specific flights due to the vaccination obligation, their manager will not be informed. According to KLM, executives do not have insight into the reason for the restriction.

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