Japan Takes the Next Step: 80 Percent of the Stadium is Full

Japan Takes the Next Step: 80 Percent of the Stadium is Full

Japan is working towards fuller stadiums for sports matches. Later this month, three baseball duels will be played as a test with 80 percent of all places occupied.


Until now, due to the coronavirus, it is still the case that no more than 50 percent of the stadium may be occupied.

Japan says it is ready for the next step because now most games can continue without problems. Should the three test matches at Yokohama Stadium be a success, all other professional stadiums can also further increase the capacity.

People who attend sports games in Japan wear a mouth mask, have their temperature measured upon entry and then use disinfectant.

It is also mandatory to leave your contact details. There is no singing or very loud shouting and the beer vendors, who usually walk across the stands, have disappeared for the time being.

The project is also essential for the organizers of next summer’s Olympic Games. “It is encouraging to see that sport puts a smile on people’s faces every day,” a spokesperson for the organization told Reuters news agency.

“We see this as a valuable opportunity to gain expertise on Covid-19 countermeasures and exchange information with stakeholders.”

More than seven million tickets have already been sold for the Games.

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