Irish Government Calls on Airport Operator for Chaos

Irish Government Calls on Airport Operator for Chaos

It’s not just chaos at Schiphol lately. Things go wrong at British and Irish airports, too. The Irish government has asked the Dublin airport operator, DAA, to explain the problems over the weekend.


At least a thousand passengers missed their flights due to long lines and slow handling.

Just like at Schiphol, Dublin Airport is struggling with staff shortages. Due to the strong recovery from the corona crisis, the problems are being felt even more.

Ireland’s Secretary of State for International Transport, Hildegarde Naughton, met with the airport operator’s management. She asked for clarity about the situation. She also wants guarantees from the airport that the problems will not arise during the busy summer period.

DAA promised to compensate injured travellers. In addition, measures have been taken to better cope with the crowds, including the deployment of extra staff.

Airports are busy all over Europe as many people decide to go on holiday now that the corona restrictions have been lifted. This happens when there is a great shortage of personnel. Passengers at UK airports also complained this weekend about long waits for security and check-in. There was also chaos at several UK airports over the Easter break, as was the case in Manchester.

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