Hong Kong Closes More Border Crossings Due to Coronavirus

Hong Kong Closes More Border Crossings Due to Coronavirus

The authorities in Hong Kong close most border crossings with the rest of China. That was announced by Carrie Lam, the highest director of the metropolis.


According to local media, she was under enormous pressure to take more measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

Only the border crossings at Shenzhen Bay and the vast Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge remain open, as well as the international airport.

The authorities in the metropolis, which has a special status within China, refrain from a complete closure of the border, as striking medical personnel demanded on Monday. The government previously stated that such a measure would be harmful to the economy and contrary to the advice of the World Health Organization.

The HAEA medical trade union reports that some 2,400 members took part in actions on Monday to force a closure of the border. “

If the border is not completely closed, we will soon not have enough personnel, protective equipment or isolation rooms to fight an outbreak,” the union president said.

Fifteen infections with the new coronavirus have been reported so far in Hong Kong. The medical authorities warn that patients may be the victims of strikes by personnel. For example, operations should be postponed or cancelled.

Hong Kong was also walloped by the SARS epidemic seventeen years ago. Then hundreds of patients died there.

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