Google Only Allows 64-Bit Apps In The Play Store

Google Only Allows 64-Bit Apps In The Play Store

Google Only allows 64-bit Apps in the Play Store from 2021. Google will no longer allow 32-bit versions of apps in the Play Store from August 2021.


All Android apps must then be transferred to 64-bit versions.

That is what Google has declared on its Android weblog.

From 1 August 2019, developers must also offer 64-bit alternatives of apps alongside 32-bit versions.

From August 2021, 32-bit apps are no longer welcome in the Google Play Store.

Then developers can release 64-bit versions.

Google expects phone manufacturers to discontinue making smartphones with 32-bit support at some point.

By only letting 64-bit apps pass, the company wants to stop certain apps in the store from being useless.

A 64-bit-architecture phone can handle more memory and run heavier apps.

It enables smartphones to multitask better.

Apple has stopped supporting 32-bit versions since iOS 11.

Apps for iOS that only offer 32-bit support therefore no longer work on iPhones and iPads with recent versions of the mobile operating system.

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